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Being a church school

Links with Church
We have excellent links with our church, St Cuthbert's. We hold an annual Harvest Festival at church as well as a joint community/ school carol service. Every Autumn Year 6 children join members of the community for the annual Harvest breakfast. We also carry out a church study and learn about the life of St Cuthbert as part of our R.E. lessons. Members of the Church council help out voluntarily in school every week and members of our clergy take Worship time, every Tuesday. Last year children from Year 3 and 4 joined Church council members on a pilgrimage around the village of Plumbland, delivering Celtic prayers and sharing their knowledge about the life of St Cuthbert to parishioners. We also take part in the annual church Scarecrow festival.

Christian Values
The Christian values our school promotes are Trust, Friendship, Justice, Thankfulness, Wisdom, Forgiveness and Respect. These were chosen by our children and we have created a display in the school hall showing how we promote these.

Collective Worship
We have a designated time each day where children come together for their 'collective worship'. This takes place in the school hall in a variety of ways which includes singing, listening to stories and having reflection time and praying. All members of staff lead acts of worship and we have a wide spectrum of visitors who take acts of worship. Our local clergy, Reverend Spedding and Reverend Rogers visit weekly. Our children also lead Collective worship, every Friday and include a hymn/ song and a prayer/ thought. We also include a celebration aspect to this Worship timewhere we give out our 'Stars of the Week' and monthly Maths champ and Writing certificates. Our children evaluate collective worship by using 'Wishes' (what could be even better) and 'Stars' (What was really good). 

Parents are very welcome to attend Collctive Worship. Parents also have the right if they wish to withdraw their children from acts of worship.

Bishop's Award
In June 2015 school received the 'Bishop's Award.' This was in recognition of providing innovative ways of working with church and supporting an After School Christian Club, led by Plumbland Chapel. This takes place in Plumbland Village Hall, every Tuesday 3.30pm-4.30pm.


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